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Best Ways to Meet a Native Speaker and Practice a Foreign Language:

Posted on: April 10th, 2017 | 0 Comments

Best Ways to Meet a Native Speaker and Practice a Foreign Language:


When it comes to picking up a second language, practice makes perfect, and the best way to do this is with a native speaker. Talking with a native speaker can help practice conversing in that language, as well as allow you to hear proper pronunciations and accents. But it may not be easy to meet a native speaker to help you learn and practice. Here are the best ways to meet help you interact with a foreign speaker.


In your country

You don’t need to pack up and fly to a different country to learn the language. There are several resources that you can take advantage in order to meet people that speak the language you want to learn. A language exchange is probably the best way to do this at home. A language exchange is when two people meet up, often for an hour, where both participants want to learn the other’s language. So if you want to learn French, a language exchange would allow you meet with a French speaker living in your country who wants to learn your native language.

The time is typically split up so that half of it is spent on one language, and the second half is spent on the other language. Finding a partner can seem overwhelming, but luckily there are websites like and even Facebook to get in touch with native speakers. A language exchange is a great opportunity for both participants to learn and grow.


In the native country

Although it’s not a required step, travelling to the country whose language you want to learn can be a great way to immerse yourself in the culture and language of that country. However, there is one problem that you might run into. The English speakers out there that really want to learn a second or foreign language in another country may accidentally find themselves speaking English with people in that country. English has become a very prominent language across the globe, so people in the country you are in traveling in may want you to practice English with them.

This problem can be hard to get around, but there are solutions. First, be polite and possibly even state outright that you want to practice their language. A second easy way to get them speaking their native language is to complement their country. Finally, you may need to assert yourself by responding to comments made in English in that country’s native language to demonstrate a desire to practice.

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