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Summer Holidays around the World:

Posted on: June 29th, 2017 | 0 Comments

Summer Holidays around the World


The Fourth of July is not far off, and many people are starting to prepare for their cookouts and fireworks displays. Independence Day is a great American summer tradition, and many other cultures have their own festivals during the summer months. Here are some holidays and festivals celebrated during summer throughout the world.

The Duanwu Festival
The Duanwu Festival is celebrated in China, especially in the southern provinces. The festival celebrates the life and contributions of the poet Qu Yuan, who drowned in a river. The festival begins on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, which is believed to be the data that Qu Yuan drowned.

The biggest part of the Duanwu Festival is the racing of the dragon boats, which are named due to their appearance being made to look like Chinese dragons. The boats are manned by teams of several people as they try to row faster than the other teams. The tradition may stem from the boats that tried to rescue Qu Yuan as he drowned.

Ivan Kupala Day
This Russian holiday combines the ancient traditions of the summer god of fertility, Kupala, and John the Baptist (known as Ivan in Russia). The festival is celebrated with light-hearted pranks and water fights during the day and bonfires at night. People often sing around the bonfires and jump over them so the flames can cleanse them, as well as win them good luck. Ivan Kupala day is celebrated near the end of June to welcome in the summer.

Puck Fair
This three-day festival begins each year on August 10 in Killorglin, Ireland. Each year, a wild male goat (or Puck) is captured and named King of the festival. The goat, or King, spends the festival in a cage high up so that he can observe the festivities. At the end of the three days, the goat is released back into the wild.

The origins of the Puck Fair may go back to the 1600s during an English invasion. The story goes that as the invaders were approaching Killorglin, they accidentally startled a herd of goats and one of them ran into town. The goat’s arrival alerted the townspeople that something was out of the ordinary, and allowed them to prepare.

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