Legal Interpreter Training Tomorrow

Tomorrow, A2I will conduct another Legal Interpreter Training workshop for a diverse group of approximately 30 interpreters, who speak a total of 20 different languages out of over 70 languages that A2I offers.

This workshop is a part of our Legal Interpreter Training that covers the Canon of Ethics for Court Interpreters, Structure of the Legal System in the State of Ohio and in the United States and International Legal Systems, Legal Procedures, Legal Terminology, and Practicum. Continue reading“Legal Interpreter Training Tomorrow”

Entrepreneurial Women

In December 2010, Yana Schottenstein, a founder of Access 2 Interpreters was asked to do an interview for a Women in Business issue for The Daily Reporter. In the article, Yana shared her experience with starting A2I and what she believes sets A2I apart from other interpretation and translation agencies in Central Ohio.

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