The Difference Between Voiceovers & Dubbing

We live in a multimedia world. Information can be read, watched, or listened and you need an interpretation and translation company that can keep up in the multimedia environment. When it comes to translating items such as documentaries, training videos, presentations, and CD recordings, you may need a voiceover or dubbing.



With a Voiceover, audio in the translated language is laid over the existing recording. The voiceover actor’s voice is heard loudly, but the original audio can still be heard in the background. With a Voiceover, there is no need to sync to anyone’s lips. Also, Voiceovers are more narrative, capturing the broader idea of the audio without being interpreted word-for-word. Because the speaker is being interpreted broadly, tone and emotion are not carried over. This is often called UN-style, after the United Nations, and is commonly used for business training and marketing materials.



Dubbing, also called language replacement, is very different from a voiceover. With dubbing, the original speaker’s voice is completely replaced with the new recording. Great care is taken that lips are synchronized, the words are interpreted closely, and the emotion and tone are carried over from the original speaker. A dubbing voice actor may spend hours in the studio with editors and producers as they perfect the match. This type of audio translation is uncommon in business, rather it is used for narrative films and recordings.


Why Do I Need Translation?

Great question. As a business owner or entrepreneur, there are countless opportunities for you to connect with customers and grow your business globally. Promotional video content can be easily shared on YouTube, Facebook, and other social platforms. Reaching an extended audience means you need to have videos available in multiple languages. Not only that, but your Voiceover needs to be done accurately and quickly.


At Access 2 Interpreters, we offer Voiceover Services for audio/visual materials of all kinds. We use a team-oriented approach with multiple levels of checks throughout the translation and voiceover process. We use translators and proofreaders who are native speakers of the target language and have superior knowledge of the source language. Our teamwork approach allows us to take on projects big and small.


Not ready for a Voiceover? Audio Transcription is a great alternative in which we translate your materials into multiple languages to accompany a video or audio recording or be used as subtitles. There’s no excuse to remain a single-language company with your materials and advertising. Call Access 2 Interpreters today for all your Interpretation and Translation needs.

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