Lost in Translation

When a movie made in the U.S. is distributed globally, the title is either left in English, translated literally, translated to another title, or is changed to a completely different English title. This article discusses the translation of movie titles, specifically for a French audience. An informal, but interesting read, where various movies are discussed and questions raised. While Two and a Half Men was translated as Mon Oncle Charlie (My Uncle Charlie), The Hangover was changed to Very Bad Trip! and The Hunger Games was left in English for the French audience.

The columnist points out that, while it’s unclear why a title is changed or not, the title can completely change the meaning or expectations of a movie for the viewer.

Read more here. http://www.popmatters.com/pm/column/159883-why-cant-the-hangover-just-be-the-hangover/

Interested in some humorous movie title translations? Check this website. http://www.shortlist.com/entertainment/films/50-funniest-movie-title-translations

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