How To Manage Your Busy Schedule


Each individual has his or her own daily tasks and commitments that need completed each day. If you have found yourself to be on the higher end of a busy schedule, we have quite the tips to help you control and organize the hours of the day. Follow our 4 tips to manage your busy schedule and you will feel less stressed and more in control of the workday.

1. Organize Each Day

Much of what we find stressful in the day are hours where we are overwhelmed with daily tasks. Create a plan early in the morning when you wake up and you will be more prepared for the day ahead of you. You will not make yourself less busy, yet instead; you will be mentally preparing yourself for the tasks of the day. This will allow you to manage the day more efficiently.

2. Create Time Blocks

Start each day arranging time blocks for your daily tasks. If you know that checking your email will take 3-hours each day, split it up with an hour in the morning, an hour after lunch and another at the end of the day. Try to avoid checking your email every 15-20 minutes. In most cases, emails can wait for a response later in the day. This alone will free up time needed for other tasks. Set time blocks and try your best to stick to them.

3. Take Short Breaks

Depending on your work situation, it is very beneficial to be hyper-productive for a few hours and then take a break. Make a call home, take a coffee break, walk around the office, or simply sit back from your desk and enjoy a quick recharge. This will allow you to jump back into your tasks without the sluggish feeling of constantly working.

4. Build A Strong Team

In order to efficiently take on each daily task, build a strong team that can help you in stressful times. This is a two-way street where you help your colleagues and they can return the favor. If you can work together, many times you can finish a task faster than by yourself and more ideas can be generated in half the time.

Organization and planning is key when you feel stressed. Use these tips and you will be surprised to see how some simple changes to your day can make huge improvements. You can add more productive hours to the day if you block out and build a strong foundation for each workday. At Access 2 Interpreters we find that a day without organization can quickly turn into chaos. Avoid stress by learning to juggle your busy schedule with our 4 time management tips.

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