Poisson d’Avril

Do you think he's noticed? Do you think he’s noticed?

As we posted on our Facebook page, yesterday was the 127th anniversary of the opening of the Eiffel Tower. Today, as you probably know, is April Fool’s Day. In America, today is “celebrated” by pulling pranks and telling people creative lies; not always things that will to endear you to your friends and family. Continuing our French theme from yesterday, we support practicing the French tradition for April 1: Poisson d’Avril.

Literally translated as “April Fish,” today is celebrated in France by trying to stick a paper cutout of a fish to the backs of your friends. Kind of like a “kick me” sign, but without, y’know, the kicking. The person with the back-fish is then declared the Poisson d’Avril, and everyone gets a good laugh out of it.

So rather than risking the alienation of your friends, maybe try this instead? Also, at the article linked above, there are some good suggestions for fish-themed treats to go along with the day. See, April 1 doesn’t have to be all bad!

Cartoon from Toonpool.com

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