Schools in the United States have a growing number of limited-English proficient students, and those students are entitled to get the same access to an education as their peers.

With millions of students in public schools with limited English proficiency, the need for translation and interpretation in public education settings is greater than ever.

A2I provides skilled interpreters in a number of languages who are trained to work in public education settings with adults and children of all ages in public schools. Find out what makes us your best choice for your Columbus school interpretation needs.

Why Do You Need an Interpreter for Public Schools?

Under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, schools must ensure that students who are learning English have equal opportunity to progress academically. Under Title IV, there can be no discrimination on the basis of race, color or national origin in the operation of any federally-assisted program.

Hiring an interpreter for public schools in Ohio means providing language minority students with  reasonable accommodations to a thorough public school education as they learn English as a non-native language. Not only is this good for the student, it is also required under the Civil Rights Act.

Our public school interpreters in Columbus will ensure that students with limited English proficiency are able to reasonably keep pace in their educational endeavors in a variety of ways.

How Do Our A2I Education Interpreters in Ohio Help Students?

The most direct way that our Columbus education interpreters help educators and students is with on-site interpretation. We can provide interpretation services for meetings planned in advance like parent-teacher conferences and assemblies.

We also perform document translation services for written materials that communicate important information to students or parents. One of the most important things in education – and an important part of Title VI compliance – is ensuring that students and parents both are able to understand and communicate about key aspects of the educational process.

Translating educational materials and school announcements into the native language of students and parents can go a long way towards preventing misunderstandings later. This step is absolutely essential to helping students and parents with limited English proficiency collaborate with you to get the most out of their educational opportunities. We can professionally translate documents like testing materials, consent forms, legal documents, letters and more.

Of course, we also know that some interpretation needs can’t be planned for. That’s why we also offer instantaneous phone and video interpretation services that are available in over 40 languages at the tap of an app.

ASL Interpretation for Ohio Schools

It’s not only foreign languages that A2I’s education interpreters can help with. We also offer American Sign Language interpreters for Ohio schools for deaf and hard of hearing students.

Our Columbus ASL interpreters will ensure that important information is being communicated to students or parents with hearing loss so that they can remain on the same page as their peers.

A2I’s education interpreters in Columbus are highly trained in more than just their languages. They also receive ethical, legal, and cultural training, and specifically are trained in the nuances of performing professional and accurate interpretation for education.

Contact us today to learn more about our education translation and interpretation services, or to set up an appointment today.