Face-to-Face On-Site Interpretation Services for Columbus and Central Ohio

At Access 2 Interpreters, we know that clear communication is paramount. That’s why we offer Face-to-Face (On-Site) Interpretation Services in over 70 languages, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our Face-to-Face Interpretation Services are available for both Scheduled and Emergency appointments in Columbus and Central Ohio. In an emergency situation, our professional interpreters can be at your location within 40 minutes. Our interpreters are trained in HIPAA regulations, confidentiality, and the Interpreter Code of Ethics, as well as Medical, Legal, and Social Services terminology. Our interpreters are trained and skilled in the three modes of interpretation: consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, and sight translation.

Our Face-to-Face Interpretation Services may be accessed through our Dispatch Line 24/7/365 or via email from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM PM Eastern Time Monday through Friday.

Are You an Interpreter or Translator?

Access 2 Interpreters is committed to providing our clients with the very best Interpretation and Translation Services in Ohio and across the nation. In addition to our thorough interpreter and translator screening process, we provide the best training through our Access Academy. Contact us today to learn more!

Industries That Benefit From Interpretation Services

Face To Face Translation ServiceFace-to-Face interpretation is critical to the success of a variety of industries and services. At Access 2 Interpreters, we train our professional interpreters in a wide selection of industry-specific terminology and jargon to ensure clear understanding, no matter the language.

  • Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Health Care Organizations- In healthcare, every second is vital, which is why medical interpretation is so important. Medical interpreters help lower the risk of misdiagnosis, incorrect information, and difficulty following complex treatment plans. Medical interpreters also help patients stay fully informed and feel more comfortable with the care they are receiving.
  • Courts and Attorneys- When in court, it’s necessary to understand everything that’s being said in order to accurately express yourself and the truth. A legal interpreter ensures that the judge, jury, defendant, and everyone involved are able to react the same way to non-English speaking participants. Legal and Court interpreters also allow a non-English speaking defendant to understand what’s going on in the court and during the trial. 
  • Law Enforcement Agencies- Whether they’re responding to a call or testifying in court, law enforcement interpreters are key to ensuring that police officers can do their jobs properly. Law enforcement interpreters allow officers to speak with non-English speaking people to obtain information and communicate clearly. 
  • Social Services Agencies- Social services often work closely with non-English or Limited-English Proficient households and clients. When they do, they rely on social service interpreters to make sure that everything is understood. 
  • Secondary Schools- While English as Second Language classes do wonders in schools, they aren’t all-encompassing. School interpretation services are important to ensure that students are understanding and getting the most out of their education. 
  • Manufacturers- Manufacturing is a global process. From international factories to small-batch workshops, final products may involve pieces from every continent. This makes communication all the more important. Manufacturing interpreters understand the unique lexicon of manufacturing and business, so that communication is clear and precise. 
  • Retailers- Retail and hospitality are inherently international professions, as people from all around the world interact with them daily. This makes retail interpreters absolutely necessary for these industries to function and thrive. 

Qualifications Of Interpreters

  • A2I interpreters undergo a multi-step selection and training process
  • A2I interpreters are required to complete an intensive mandatory training and participate in continuing education courses quarterly
  • All A2I interpreters are required to provide complete documentation, including background checks, drug tests, and immunization records, before they can accept interpretation assignments

Why Us?

Our dedication to educating our interpreters, the qualifications of our administrative staff, and our technological capabilities guarantees the quality of our services.