A2I-team-2Access 2 Interpreters is a Columbus, Ohio-based interpretation and translation company, exclusively dedicated to filling your interpretation and translation needs. As the best Columbus interpretation agency, we provide Face-to-Face Interpretation Services in over 70 languages throughout Columbus, Central Ohio, and Ohio.

We also provide instantaneous Telephone Interpretation Services in over 180 languages and scheduled Translation Services in over 70 languages nationwide. Our translation services include document translation, transcription, and voiceover translation in over 50 languages nationwide. Our commitment to quality, training, and customer service means we staff only the best and most experienced translators and interpreters. We are firmly established as the best interpretation and translation agency in Ohio.

With the advent of globalization, today’s enterprises conduct business in many different languages. Whether participating in an international conference call, translating a product user manual or employee training guide, or communicating with a client or patient, most organizations will at some point require professional document translation or interpretation services.

We are proud to be a Columbus-based interpretation and translation company.

We are certain our services will:

  • Increase your efficiency in communicating with Limited English Proficiency (“LEP”) patients and clients
  • Enhance the quality of service provided by your organization
  • Enable your business to expand its presence in the marketplace


We can also help you to comply with Title VI Legislation, which requires all health and social services facilities receiving state or federal funding to provide interpretive services to any patient or client defined as Limited English Proficiency.

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Interpretation Services Translation Services

A2I is dedicated to providing professional interpretation and translation services throughout Ohio and across the U.S.

Over 180 Languages

We make every effort to meet your interpretation and translation needs with the largest bank of languages in the Central Ohio region.

Specialized Training

Our interpreters and translators are trained in medical, legal, and social services to fit your professional language requirements and needs.


We utilize the latest levels of interpretation and translation technologies to increase efficiency and quality and reduce costs for our clients.

Personalized Service

Our team of highly qualified professionals is dedicated to providing secure, reliable interpretation and translation services in a timely manner.


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  • Lisa R. WebbLisa R. Webb

    What a great company! I appreciate being part of a team that helps our growing and diverse community in such a specialized an unique way. Our interpreters are an amazing and diverse group of people that represent the best that Columbus has to offer.

  • Neneka BarreiroNeneka Barreiro

    I’ve always enjoyed my working relationship with Access2Interpreters. The content they send is always well organized, clear, and their expectations and budgets reasonable.
    They’ve been a valued client of mine for more than 6 years.

  • Laura GoodwinLaura Goodwin

    For the past two years I have worked with Access 2 Interpreters on multiple occasions for much of our interpreting and translating needs. The staff promptly replies on all requests, and work is completed in a timely and professional manner. It is a pleasure working with the A2I staff!

  • Disability Rights CA AdvocacyDisability Rights CA Advocacy

    Access 2 Interpreters has provided us with many years worth of quality and professional translations. DRC has over 1500 publications and many of those need quick and accurate translations into multiple languages. Access 2 Interpreters has never let us down and continues to provide professional translation services on several levels for our agency. We would recommend their services highly.

  • Edwin SchottensteinEdwin Schottenstein

    My wife and I have traveled to many countries including Russia Spain, China, Paris, Amsterdam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. It is very important that my wife's food allergies be translated in detail in the language of each of these countries. A misinterpretation could be the difference between life and death. We have relied solely on Certified International Interpreters to make placards explaining my wife's food allergies each of languages. We've been very happy with the success of the interpretations, and the reactions from the waiters is also very entertaining. I highly recommend certified your national interpreters for all your interpretation needs.