Interpreter Training and Certification at Access Academy

Choosing someone for interpretation and translation services in Columbus is a big decision. When you need a translator, you are trusting someone to deliver your words accurately, or to deliver you sensitive, important information.

The difference made by having an accurate, trustworthy interpreter on your side can literally be the difference between life and death, and that’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly. That’s why we have Access Academy, our training and education department for certifying and improving the skills of our interpreters to provide you with the best service and the most accurate translations possible.

How Interpretation is Better with the Access Academy

Access 2 Interpreters maintains a separate education department called Access Academy. The Access Academy is solely focused on the training and education of all interpreters and translators who work with us.

At Access Academy, we make sure to offer not only the best translation and interpretation service in Columbus. We also train and specialize our professionals to handle any sort of interpretation in any field. It’s not enough that our interpreters in Columbus can translate simple, casual conversation, because that’s rarely what you need an interpreter for. You need a translator who understands sensitive legal, medical, and social services information.

That’s why our curriculum for interpreters consists of training in interpreter ethics, skills, medical, legal, and social services terminology. In addition, translators must successfully complete training in general translator skills and protocols.

This training allows A2I to ensure you are receiving the best interpretation and translation services possible. We understand how critical these services can be, to businesses, to organizations, and to individuals, which is why we uphold the highest training standards of any Ohio Interpretation and Translation company.

We also know that many clients don’t immediately understand how our Columbus interpretation services work, or what the proper protocols are. That’s why we also offer Training Seminars for clients using our interpretation services in Ohio, so you’ll be comfortable and ready during interpretation.

Code of Ethics and Skills Training for Interpreters

One of the first thoughts you might have when hiring an interpreter in Columbus is the one everyone thinks about at least once: “How do I know I can trust this interpreter?”

This is an understandable thought, of course. Interpreters are often called in to interpret and translate highly sensitive and private information. Whether that information is legal, medical, social, or even governmental, you want to be absolutely certain that you can trust your interpreter with that information – both during the interaction, and after.

At A2I, our mandatory training program instructs interpreters in professional and ethical behavior. The training is designed and conducted by field experts with M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Linguistics and Education.

During this training, our interpreters are familiarized with the Canon of Ethics and Conduct for Court Interpreters, the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice in Healthcare, and HIPAA.

All of our interpreters and translators must successfully complete this training before taking on any work. So when you hire a Columbus interpreter from A2I, you already know you’re getting someone who will be accurate, ethical, and candid.

Terminology Training for Medical Interpreters in Columbus

One of the most important services we provide at A2I is medical interpretation in Columbus. Understanding complex medical language and terminology is difficult even in one’s native language, so to be able to translate and interpret it from one language to another is a very specific skill set.

This mandatory interpreter training program is designed and conducted by medical doctors to familiarize interpreters with the health care system in the United States, medical terminology, and the appropriate usage of medical information.

When you hire a medical interpreter with A2I, they will already have taken and passed this medical interpretation training course, so they will be ready to assist with even highly-specialized medical documentation and information. We understand that relaying medical information properly can be a life-or-death process, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Terminology Training for Legal Interpreters in Columbus

Much like medical information, translating “legalese” can be a challenge in any language. Yet understanding legal processes and the rights that one has at any given point is of the utmost importance. Our legal interpreters in Columbus must understand not only legal terminology and language, but also courtroom procedure and etiquette.

Our legal interpretation training program prepares interpreters for the courtroom setting. The training is designed by Juris Doctors and conducted by licensed attorneys. During this training, our Columbus interpreters are familiarized with the court system in the United States, as well as legal procedures and terminology.

Legal interpretation is an area you really can’t leave to chance. Trust A2I’s legal interpreters in Columbus who have gone through intensive training to handle complicated and sensitive legal matters of all kinds.

Cultural and Social Training for Columbus Language Interpreters

Proper translation and interpretation in Ohio consists of more than just a one-to-one literal translation of everything that is said or written. Each language and culture has idiomatic phrases, cultural nuances, and nonverbal cues to consider to accurately convey meaning both ways.

Some words and phrases don’t have a direct parallel in other languages, while some languages rely heavily on implication, rather than stating things directly. A good interpreter in Columbus should be able to accurately convey meaning, through all of these considerations.

Our cultural training program familiarizes translators with guidelines for translation and conveying cultural nuances. All A2I translators pass a series of evaluation tests, complete a Translator Training Seminar, and are trained in the Translator Code of Ethics.

Are You Working as an Interpreter or Translator in Ohio?

Access 2 Interpreters is committed to providing our clients with the very best Interpretation and Translation Services in Ohio and across the nation.

In addition to our thorough interpreter and translator screening process, we provide the best training through our Access Academy. If you haven’t worked as an interpreter or translator in the past, but you have language fluency that would make you a candidate, our Access Academy can train you to become a skilled interpreter or translator in Ohio, or anywhere in the country!

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