Social services providers are the backbones of their communities. Social workers help families and communities improve their lives and Access 2 Interpreters is proud to assist in their mission. Our social services translation and integration services help millions of people overcome language barriers or hearing limitations so that they can address important family issues.

Not only do we offer skilled, compassionate translators and interpreters in a number of languages, but we also match you with social work interpreters who understand the nature of the field and are experienced in working with children. Whether you’re looking for interpreters for custody cases, foster care placements, mental wellness, child safety, or any other areas requiring social work translation, Access 2 Interpreters has a trained professional ready to help.

Social Services Interpretation

We understand that clear, concise communication is one of the most important things in social work. It is absolutely imperative that everyone involved in a social services interaction be heard and understood. Even small misunderstandings can have severe consequences, so we consider accuracy and clarity to be of the highest priority.

That’s why we offer live interpretation for social services in over 70 languages, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our interpreters are trained and skilled in the three modes of interpretation: consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, and sight translation.

We understand that social work interpretation is largely required to be on-site, so our interpreters are obviously available face-to-face, and we comply with all necessary safety measures so we can assist where we are needed.

We also offer scheduled appointments for telephone interpretation in over 70 languages, and video interpretation in over 35 languages, including American Sign Language (ASL).

In more urgent situations where scheduling is not available, we also offer instantaneous video and telephone interpretation in a variety of languages.

Social Services Translation

At Access 2 Interpreters, we understand that social work translation isn’t the same as translating for businesses or other fields. Social work translation requires an emphasis on compassion and empathy, understanding family dynamics, and often the patience and experience to work with children, especially in stressful or severe circumstances.

That’s why we have translators with social work backgrounds ready to translate any sort of materials accurately and quickly.

For written materials, we offer social work document translation services. Documentation in social work is often highly complex and confusing for people reading it even in their native language. We help to decode and translate those documents so that they can be completed accurately and with full understanding. In situations where it is necessary, we also have translators and interpreters for legal services.

We also offer transcription services for social services. If you have audio or video materials that require a written transcription, we can do that in most spoken and written languages.

We understand the importance of accuracy, especially in a field as important as social services. All of our translators are carefully screened for skills and background, and our translations all go through a multi-step process for accuracy, so you can trust in the result you’re getting from A2I.

How to Start Getting Interpretation and Translation Services for Social Services

We are ready to help any family or social work organization with translation services and interpretation services of any kind. If you’d like to learn more about our services, or see how we can help translate for all your social services needs, simply contact us!

We will be happy to describe our services in more detail, including what languages we can translate or interpret, and a quote on our services.