Access 2 Interpreters Attends Seminar Nationwide Childrens Hospital

Interpreters and staff from Access 2 Interpreters attended a seminar hosted by Nationwide Children’s Hospital on Thursday evening, August 24, 2017. Among the Access attendees were CEO Yana Schottenstein, COO Christopher Stein, and over 160 Access interpreters.

The topics of the seminar were HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and interpretation assignments at the Child Advocacy Center. The HIPAA segment focused on protecting Personal Health Information (PHI), maintaining HIPAA compliance, and preventing violations and breaches. The section dedicated to the Child Advocacy Center provided interpreters and staff with valuable information regarding child abuse assignments. NCH offered advice and guidance on how to handle the sensitive interpretation sessions at the Child Advocacy Center.

“I was excited and proud to see our large group come together as one team united by one goal: to learn more about laws and situations that govern our profession and improve as individuals and as a team,” remarked Schottenstein. “The presenters were excellent, and the positive feedback I received after the event is a testament to the fact that the interpreters left the seminar empowered by additional knowledge.”

“I found the seminar very useful. It was important to have the information about assignments at the Child Advocacy Center reinforced for our interpreters. It is vital information,” added Access interpreter and trainer, Dr. Ali Al Safi.

“I want to thank the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Interpreter Services Department for their collaborative effort in working with our Access team and helping our interpreters continue growing as professionals,” Schottenstein concluded.

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