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The one where Eliana, Esther and Amy show how three bright minds can dig to the bottom of the language access wellspring full of roadblocks and uncertainties to find out ways to overcome them once and for all.

You don’t want to miss this conversation!

Amy and Esther shared their work on the research involving the voices of medical interpreters, physicians, pediatric practitioners and the language access management team. Our guests discussed their recent contributions to Just. Journal of Language Rights and Minorities issued by the University of Valencia, Spain ( here is the link to their website )

  • Why is it wrong to perceive translation as a magic wand?
  • How to use machine translation appropriately? Which puzzle piece is constantly being lost when using CAT tools?
  • What is the cause of chaos in language access nowadays?
  • How did Swedish social work practices reveal the spectrum of issues faced by migrant populations?
  • What is “translational science” and how to apply it to convert lessons learned into policies established?

By listening to episode #9 of STC Podcast you will find out about the solutions Amy and Esther offer to all these problems and see the light at the end of the language access tunnel.

If you are an advocate or an ally of communication equity, tune in to get plenty of insights and feel inspired by their priceless work aimed at debunking myths within the language industry.

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