Join us for Podcast #10

Join us for Podcast #10

The one with Mireya Perez, Brand the Interpreter podcast creator and host, who will inspire you to dream big and make you rewatch the Friends episode #18 from season 7, “The One with Joey’s Award”.

This half-hour conversation between Yulia Speroff and Mireya Perez has the potential to shape your outlook on life and interpreting.

Tune in to learn:

  • What an impostor syndrome is and how to go around it fulfilling your out-of-the-box ideas
  • What are the prerequisites of a successful project
  • Why a unified effort is necessary for establishing an entire undivided system of language access

Mireya will highlight the impressive workshops and training sessions she attended at the 23rd Annual CHIA Conference in San Diego, CA and share details on promoting her podcast via social network algorithms.

If you are curious to know how Grammy, Soapy and, possibly, “Interpy” awards are related, do not miss a laid-back and funny, yet informative and entertaining podcast episode #10.

Trust us, it is worth listening to.

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