Access 2 Interpreters Moves to New Location as Business Grows

Access 2 IntrepretersAccess 2 Interpreters has moved to a new location on South High Street in Columbus, Ohio. The move will help A2I, a leader in translation and interpretation services, expand its growing business.

The expansion to a newly renovated space will only be a few blocks from Access 2 Interpreters current location. Continued growth prompted the office move for the interpretation and translation leader.

“Our new office will be located right down the street,” stated Yana Schottenstein, CEO of Access 2 Interpreters. “The new space will offer a devoted wing for Access Academy which offers in-house classes and training for translators and interpreters.

A2I is dedicated to providing professional interpretation and translation services throughout Ohio and across the United States. Access 2 Interpreters offers face-to-face interpretation services in over 70 languages and telephone interpretation services in over 180 languages. Additionally, translation services are offered in over 50 languages nationwide.

“As our company continues to grow, we needed a new office to grow with us,” stated Schottenstein. “Our new home will provide the right environment for our team to thrive”.

The telephone and fax numbers for Access 2 Interpreters will remain the same and the new address is as follows:

Our New Address:

492 South High Street, Suite 200

Columbus, OH 43215-5685

Our Telephone and Fax Numbers Remain the Same:

Billing/Customer Service/Administration: 614-221-1414

Fax: 614-464-3004

Access 2 Interpreters’ translation and interpretation services will continue to advance and be at the top of market standards. The professional experience Access 2 Interpreters offers is what sets them apart from all other translation and interpretation companies. Accuracy, cultural sensitivity, confidentiality, reliability, timeliness, and integrity are all core values that Access 2 Interpreters prides itself on.

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