International Interpreters and Translators Day!

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As the official name, “International Translation Day”, we feel that adding “Interpreters” is necessary, because we all know that “translating” and “interpreting” are two completely separate things. Whenever we hear an interpreter being called a translator on television, for example, we get a cringing feeling. In honor of “International Translation Day” we think that it is only right for us to explain and give definition of the differences between Translators and Interpreters.

The key skills of the translator are the ability to understand the source language and the culture of the country where the text originated. Using a good library of dictionaries and reference materials to render material clearly and accurately into the target language will provide the translator with the best materials to complete any project.

Access 2 Interpreters is proud to offer the following translation services:

Document Translation
We translate medical and legal documents, brochures, manuals and many more.

We provide transcription of audio or video materials

Voiceover Translation
We provide voiceover translations for documentaries, training videos and more.

An interpreter, on the other hand, must be able to translate in both directions on the spot, without using dictionaries or other supplemental reference materials. Interpreters must have extraordinary listening abilities, especially for simultaneous interpreting.

Access 2 Interpreters is proud to offer the following interpretation services:

Face-to-Face Interpretation
We offer both scheduled and emergency face-to-face interpretation sessions 24/7/365

Scheduled Telephone Interpretation
We offer scheduled telephone interpretation services 24/7/365

Instantaneous Telephone Interpretation
We offer instant interpretation services over the phone that available nationwide in over 180 languages

A translator must have a great writing background and credible reference materials to provide the most accurate work for documents, transcription or voiceovers. An interpreter must be fast on his or her feet so they can provide precise interpretation on the spot. Luckily, at Access 2 Interpreters, we offer both services to fulfill your interpretation and translation needs.

Happy International Interpreters and Translators Day!

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