How To Choose The Best Translation Company

Translation is a complicated process, and the accuracy of the translation often has far-reaching implications. If you need a translation completed, it’s critical that you use the best translation company available. However, there are countless options out there that can translate your document, and it can be difficult to determine which is best. Fortunately, we can help. 

Access 2 Interpreters is a leading Columbus translation and interpretation company dedicated to serving Central Ohio and the Midwest. At A2I, we pride ourselves on our quality of work, determination, and dedication to you. We have gathered together what we believe are the most important factors to consider when choosing a translation and interpretation company, so you can make an informed decision. 

Language Proficiency and Native Speaking Ability

While many people claim to be able to speak, read and write in other languages, translation is so much more complex. Translation involves capturing the nuance and lexicon of one language and converting it into another without losing the tone or accentuation. This can be challenging, as languages vary tremendously in their rules, tenses, and uses, particularly for non-native speakers. For example, many of us grew up speaking and learning English. But since English is so very different from Chinese and other Sinitic languages, it can be difficult for non-native speakers to capture the minutiae of text structure and grammatical meanings. Certain words have very different meanings from the present tense to the future. A professional translator will take this into account when translating and provide a final product that captures the original document’s style and meaning.

An Understanding of the Subject Matter and Research Skills

Language is a means or tool by which something is communicated. However, in many ways, the “communicative content” is something that is outside the realm of language, where the subject matter is what drives the translation. That’s why industry knowledge and the ability to research are critical requirements of being a good translator. Many industries have particular jargon that is unique to them, such as medical or legal terms. A professional translator will know the right words to use and how best to convey these specific ideas.

Attention to Detail

Going over pages and pages of documents and translating them can be time-consuming, grueling work. However, a professional translator will persevere. Translating documents demands meticulous attention to detail and a good eye for particulars. A professional translation company will provide you with an impeccable final product, free of spelling errors, translation errors, and misused words. 


Often when a company is contracted to translate a document, there is a hard deadline that must be met. This means that punctuality is paramount. When choosing a translation company for your business, it’s important to pay attention to how quickly and accurately they can deliver a completed project. A professional translation company will provide an accurate deadline that you can expect to be met every time. 

Commitment to One’s Work

Of all of the factors that make a good translation company, commitment to one’s work is by far the most rewarding. A committed translator will be determined and dedicated, have a successful attitude, and approach each project with an open mind. Knowledge and talent are finite, and yet the problems and difficulties translators may encounter are infinite.

How Access 2 Interpreters Can Help

When your company needs an accurate and affordable translation, Access 2 Interpreters can help. We offer extensive translation services in over 50 languages for a wide range of industries, from manufacturing to education. We hold our team of knowledgeable translators to the highest industry standards to ensure quality and accuracy, guaranteed. Whether you need educational material translated or technical manual assistance, A2I can make sure nothing is lost in translation. We can help your company break the language barrier with professional and cost-effective interpretation and translation services. Contact us today to learn about our translation company and what we can do for you.

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