What Makes For A Good Translation Company?

If you are looking for a good translation company, you are probably curious about the translation process and how it is carried out. There are many factors that are taken into consideration when deciding on the quality of a translator. Access 2 Interpreters is a leading Columbus translation and interpretation company dedicated to serving the city of Columbus. A2I prides itself on the quality of work, determination and dedication to you.

We have gathered together what we think are the most important factors to know for a translator and interpreter. The top 4 reasons for what makes a good translator includes language proficiency, knowledge of subject matter, critical thinking ability, and commitment.

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1. Language Proficiency:

Many of us have been learning English for many years. But since English is so very different than Chinese and other languages we can never be so sure about text structure and grammatical meanings. Certain words have very different meanings from the present tense to the future. A professional translator will have this taken into consideration when translating.

2. Knowledge of Subject Matter and Knowledge-Acquiring Capabilities:

Language is a means or tool by which something is communicated. In many ways the “communicative content” is something that is outside the realm of language, where the subject matter is what drives the translation and is one of the most essential requirements of being a good translator. Knowledge-acquiring capabilities is the ability to be as knowledgeable as possible, knowing something about everything.

3. Sensitivity and Superior Critical-Thinking Ability:

Professional translators should have a near-perfect understanding of the nuances of meanings in one language, and culture and context in order to have the same understanding for another language. A sensitive heart and an analytical mind are especially important when they mediate between two widely different languages.

4. Commitment to One’s Work:

More important than all of the other reasons for what makes a good translation company, commitment of work is one that is by far one of the most rewarding. A committed translator will have determination and dedication, a successful attitude, and an open mind. Knowledge and talent is finite, and yet the problems and difficulties he/she may encounter are infinite.

These reasons for what makes a good translation company should give you a better understanding and motive to choose the best possible company in the industry. Access 2 Interpreters is the #1 choice for having quality interpreters and translators, determination and dedication, and a knowledgeable staff.  Access 2 Interpreters is proud to serve the Columbus area as well as all of Ohio and across the U.S.

A2I can help break the language barrier with professional and cost-effective interpretation and translation services. Contact us today to learn about our translation company and what we can offer to you.

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