A2I Featured in Executive Influencer issue for The Daily Reporter


Yana Schottenstein, founder of Access 2 Interpreters, was asked to do an interview for the Executive Influencer issue for The Daily Reporter.

Access 2 Interpreters has grown into one of the largest translation agencies in Central Ohio, providing interpretation and translation services for a variety of clients.

Through high-quality products and a team of talented interpreters, Access 2 Interpreters is able to overcome obstacles and continue to grow.

“I think Columbus in particular, Ohio in general and the U.S. as a whole, provide good opportunities for people who have initiative, who don’t stop, who try,” Yana Schottenstein stated. “As far as people who immigrate, I think that applies to them too. So many people come here. This country is build on immigrants, and I believe that those people who come here are so motivated to succeed.”

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