How Interpretation Relates to Acrobatics

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It may be hard to relate a service such as Interpretation to an active sport like acrobatics but in reality, balance, agility, and coordination directly transfer over from sport to service. In acrobatics the ability to create a transition smoothly without hesitation is extremely important, as a team of acrobatics have to work in unison to complete their series of moves and tricks, an interpretation is no different as the interpreter has to work closely with the communication partner and the audience.


As an interpreter, trust and confidence are two large components during a presentation. In order to communicate well with an audience (or perform in front of one) confidence in your presentation is essential. Self-confidence is directly analogous from acrobatics to interpretation with the capacity to understand accurate self-assessment and recognizing common mistakes to fix.


According to an article from NAJIT (National Association of Judiciary Interpreters & Translators), it explains how translators and Interpreters can show self-confidence and self-assessment.


“We must present ourselves as knowledgeable members of our profession in order to be respected and have our work taken seriously. We must know where we are and where we are going and have the conviction to request what we need. Similarly, we must be able to stand our ground if our interpretation is called into question.“


If an acrobat fails to make a move or miss a catch, it is his or her duty to recover and fix the mistake, hopefully while no one gets hurt. The same goes for an interpreter where if an inaccurate translation is presented, it is their job to recognize the mistake and fix it on the spot. In addition to fixing mistakes, the more nervous the individual is, the worse the interpretation can be.  A colleague observing can be a bit nerve-wracking, but the interpreter has to rise to the occasion and take initiative on completing the project on-time with efficiency.


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