Legal Interpreter Training Tomorrow

Tomorrow, A2I will conduct another Legal Interpreter Training workshop for a diverse group of approximately 30 interpreters, who speak a total of 20 different languages out of over 70 languages that A2I offers.

This workshop is a part of our Legal Interpreter Training that covers the Canon of Ethics for Court Interpreters, Structure of the Legal System in the State of Ohio and in the United States and International Legal Systems, Legal Procedures, Legal Terminology, and Practicum. This intensive training program was developed in accordance with all proposed requirements of the Supreme Court of Ohio.

The Legal Interpreter Training program is only a portion of A2I’s education department, known as Access Academy. Access Academy is staffed with professional linguists and educators, Medical Doctors and Juris Doctors dedicated to the development of training curriculum and preparation of interpreters for legal, social, and medical interpretation and translation.

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